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Distribution: UK and most of Europe, North Africa, North America, Canada as far north as some arctic islands, and parts of Asia.

Also found throughout China, northern India and Australia (introduced for hunting).

Please excuse the clastic sentence fragments and lack of clause analysis, but this is meant to provide a quick and simple overview of the facts.

Many of these are intended to be played by couples in the privacy of their own bedroom, but some are party games, where suggestion, innuendo, and double entendres are part of the titillating fun!

Home ranges may overlap with neighbours; core areas don’t and are violently defended against interlopers. Mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish, amphibians, fruit, vegetables, grass and human rubbish. Cubs presented with solid food from 3 wks old and emerge from den in early May (ca. Behaviour and Sociality: Normally solitary (or in pairs); can occur in family groups where resources allow (e.g. When in groups, family members may help care for subsequent litters (guard, feed and play with cubs), but subordinates rarely breed.

Reproduction: Breeding season late December to February. Have been associated with attacks on pets/livestock and damage to gardens.

Average adult weight in autumn is about 12kg; that for spring is circa 9kg (20 lbs). north Scandinavia, Iceland, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily) and parts of Asia as far east as China.

Colour: Silvery-grey to black body and tail with paler stomach (thin white abdominal fur) and dark paws. Longevity: Average lifespan 2 years, may be 7 or 8 in wild; can live for almost 20 years in captivity.

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