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Since dating has some strengths in places where courtship has weaknesses, critics of courtship argue for sticking with dating.But both social structures have inherent strengths and weaknesses.

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We need to stop saying, “Dating is flawed, use courtship to pursue godly romance,” or “Courtship is flawed, use dating to pursue godly romance.” Instead we should say, “A person who lives with character as a disciple of Jesus Christ will succeed in pursuing godly romance through both dating and Courtship, and he or she should choose whichever social structure best serves his or her unique circumstances.” It’s time for American Christians to lay down the debate over social structure and recognize that who you are in Christ is what really matters for godly romance and matrimony. Justin Megna is a blogger and speaker on the subject of Christian romance.What is a Christian who wants to find wholesome, godly romance to do?What really matters for the pursuit of godly romance?The conflicting perspectives and expectations collide to produce a Christian matrimonial culture that can be confusing, awkward, and discouraging.Most of the conflict comes from a debate between dating and courtship social structures.

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