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Sometimes, there may be more than one "favorite," or the mother and father will have different "favorites," making life even more of a headache for their siblings.There are a few different versions of the trope, and a few different "explanations" as to why one child is preferred over the other.As a child, he had a speaking problem and used to stutter often, as he started going to his school Penns Grove High School.His friends even started to give him nicknames like “Buck-Buck,” which made him not wanting to go to school.

If the writer is trying to Hand Wave the glaring bias of the parents, there will be a scene where mum and dad will give a long speech on how they value all their kids equally, and will tell The Un-Favourite child that making them live in the basement and forcing them to bow whenever their sibling enters a room is really a mark of their esteem.Or they may responsibly differentiate, but the musically untalented child may resent the lessons as favoritism, and the talented one, the other's free time as favoritism; or the child who must do all the chores resents the sickly child's confinement to his bedroom and inability to play. Of course, it is common that the parents are not aware of their favoritism and may be appalled at themselves upon realizing it.Very few parents would actually pursue favoritism with the knowledge of the other children's hurt feelings.Sometimes, the parents are reasonably handing out the privileges and responsibilities with age.When the older child looks only at the responsibilities and the younger at the privileges, both can come to the view that they are The Un-Favourite.

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