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Lord kniws aarons makes enough to figure this out Reply After a long time of thinking on it I finally decided to go get a TV and Soundbar today because my quality of entertainment has been really crappy pretty much my whole adult life well I go in early to try to ensure that I would have it by this evening and he joins music and watching the movie or something well here it is almost closi have nothing this is a big decision for me and I was really excited and could not wait to enjoy the system and I feel let down and not cared for as a customer because a simple job was not done and this really steams my pops and makes me about want to go down there and cancel everything and go somewhere else in my business because this is bulls**t y’all didn’t care too for me to sign my life away and take what little bit of money I had to get it all started but you damn sure ain’t quick to make sure I get my services Reply Big Spring, Texas store sucks! The help they get don’t know what they are doing, delivery service sucks!I have bought a lot from Arron’s and the stuff I have now will be picked up and I will go get what I need from Buddy’s!!!! Chuck the manager told me never to call back after I voiced concerns about his “sales manager” Sara Hauff falsifying information on my form because she needed to meet sales quota that month.Most of the company’s growth in the 1980’s came via acquisitions.In 1990, Aaron’s begins to offer franchise opportunities. Tagged as: aaron's complaints, aaron's customer complaint desk, aaron's customer complaints, aaron's rent to own corporate office phone number, aarons corporate address, aarons corporate headquarters, aarons corporate office, aarons corporate office address, aarons corporate office email, aarons corporate office fax, aarons corporate office phone, aarons home office, aarons main office, arron's corporate office phone number I have been a customer for the first time since February, 2018. Your Bridgeport, Ohio store is by far the worst retail experience I have ever had to endure.A week later I went to the store and the assistant manager said there was nothing recorded for pick up.

Tina at Aaron’s said they were running behind and she couldn’t tell me when it would be picked up.

In 2015, the company opened its own e Commerce site. On the 9th when the freezer wasn’t delivered, Nellie informed me that we were never told that. Then on the 13th – the day they were to finally make the delivery – we were called from Aaron’s telling us our second months payment was late.

In 2014, customers claimed that Aaron’s has installed spyware on their computer rentals, sending the company hundreds of thousands of email addresses, social security numbers, passwords, even photographs from private accounts. I informed the person that we didn’t even have the freezer yet and that our payment was due on the 15 of the month also that I didn’t need a reminder call to stop calling us!!!

The assistant manager – who conveniently picked up the freezer yesterday – spoke with us.

We told him we were called for a late payment and that I was done with Aaron’s.

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