Convalidating uk degrees spain

Yet all of those countries are dying to get a real American education.

Just because you got your dentist educatuon in Brazil, doesn't mean you will be anything more then a ministry attendant here.

S., and honestly 1) living in brazil is basically living in a war zone 2) degree is useless anyway.

That doesn't totally invalidate what you say obviously but calling them "just like every other business" is a babby-tier simplification. Here in Brazil, a salaried worker pay more than half of the product of his labour to the government.

To help counterbalance the cost, while in other countries they aren't needed? If he want to eventually take a higher education course without paying more for the service - i.e.: in a public university - he applies for a national examination, which will only pass on a good note, after devoting a lot of study time.

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) providers and applicants in making a judgement about the equivalent UK degree classification of an overseas qualification.

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