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Others fear the vote could dissolve the opposition-led parliament.Those in favor of rewriting the constitution, however, say the president is simply hoping to restore peace in his fractured country. presidential election, artists such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Adele slammed Donald Trump for playing their music at campaign events, while Queen famously ordered the New York real estate mogul to stop using "We Are the Champions" during his appearances.The artists behind the hit-single "Despacito" slammed Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Monday for “illegally appropriating” their song and tweaking the lyrics to promote elections related to a controversial attempt to rewrite the country's constitution.In an Instagram post, Daddy Yankee, a Puerto Rican reggaetón star, shared a news story about Maduro with a big red cross drawn across it and accused the Venezuelan leader of using the song without permission."What can you expect?Besides being a wonderful professional moment for all of us involved in the song, it's also an amazing victory for Spanish language music and culture.'Despacito' united a whole planet, confirming the magic there is in music."Fonsi tells us that he never imagined receiving three Grammy nominations, the moment feels like a dream.The Latin sound is present worldwide, and that is something it didn't happen as often as it does now.

Rewriting the constitutional is immensely unpopular in Venezuela, where the pollster Datanalisis found that 85 percent of people oppose the move, and many believe it's a power grab by Maduro ahead of next year's presidential elections.

I'm so happy it happened now, almost 20 years after I started my career because I could now thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate every single moment that otherwise, an earlier age, maybe it would have been taken for granted," he explains.

"Ultimately, I use these blessings as daily reminders to continue doing my best at all times, to be humbled and grateful and to keep reaching for the stars without taking my feet off the ground."And although many people credit them for the Latino representation at this Sunday's Grammys, Fonsi thinks that this was all an enormous group effort that's been years in the making. There is an incredible group of artists that for years have been working tirelessly to give Latin music the place it deserves.

Their medley of Domino’s “Ain’t That a Shame” and Berry’s “Maybellene” settled for simple nostalgia.

This should have — and could have — been an unforgettable and relevant collaboration akin to the Eminem-Elton John Grammy performance of “Stan” in 2001.

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