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OLA will scan the surface of Bennu at specific intervals in the mission to rapidly map the entire surface of the asteroid to achieve its primary objective of producing local and global topographic maps.The data collected by OLA will also be used to develop a control network relative to the center of mass of the asteroid and to enhance and refine gravitational studies of Bennu.On 28 December 2016, the spacecraft successfully performed its first deep space maneuver (DSM-1) to change its velocity by 431 m/s (1,550 km/h; 960 mph) using 354 kg (780 lb) of fuel. Between 9 and 20 February 2017, the OSIRIS-REx team used the spacecraft's Map Cam camera to search for the objects, taking about 135 survey images each day for processing by scientists at the University of Arizona.The search will be beneficial even if no objects are found, as it closely resembles the operation that will be required as the spacecraft approaches Bennu, searching for natural satellites and other potential hazards.

as well as image the asteroid, and retrieve a physical sample to return to Earth.

Although the orbit is reasonably well known, scientists continue to refine it.

It is critical to know the orbit of Bennu because recent calculations produced a cumulative probability of 1 in 1410 (or 0.071%) of impact with Earth in the period 2169 to 2199.

Contact with the surface of Bennu will be detected using accelerometers, and the impact force will be dissipated by a spring in the TAGSAM arm.

Upon surface contact by the TAGSAM instrument, a burst of nitrogen gas will be released, which will blow regolith particles smaller than 2 cm (0.8 in) into the sampler head located at the end of the robotic arm.

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