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A video of the outing can be streamed on our Youtube channel at Potoo and Jackson Bay Great Cave - June 19/16 or downloaded from our server at Potoo and Jackson Bay Great Cave - June 19/16.local group at Bunkers Hill, Trelawny, hope to soon launch a community tourism endeavor called Cultural Xperience & River Tour. NEPA recently carried out a site visit as part of the application process, and then referred them to the JCO for permission. However, the great majority of the cave-dependent biota is in the eastern of the two main branches.

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This includes not entering the area to extract bat guano (ratbat dung).

(Aug 21/16)tewart and Pauel were at St Clair Cave last Thursday, Aug 18, with a television crew from Canada.

A behind the scenes the be streamed on You Tube, JCO & The Worldwide Vet.

e'll resume fieldwork at Jackson Bay in the next week or two, so more cool videos and notes to post soon.

There's also more dye-tracing with the WRA coming up.

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