Dating describe your spirituality

From personal boundaries to international borders, our everyday world is all about boundaries.

From a reality of spreading seemingly forever in a great peace, people who have had a spiritual awakening find themselves back into a world of fences, defenses, rules and expectations. The spiritual realm is one of unconditional, an overwhelming love.

Many find themselves feeling alien in this world and in conflict in their own inner world trying to figure out how to live after their spiritual awakening?

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Meanwhile we live in a world where love can be a one night stand, what we do or don't do for one another. We live in a world where judging others is much more common then finding the humility to look inward at ourselves and find kindness and compassion for all.The spiritual realm and material world most discover are far apart, so very different.Spiritual awakening opens a door to a place of no boundaries.Spiritual awakening is discovering a world which its very essence is kindness and compassion. There is a vastness and great freedom of thought, feeling, and movement in a spiritual awakening. But once back in our normal world, life feels very confining with few choices.Creativity suddenly has narrowed and the physical world can be like shackles on the power of love and imagination.

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