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Since the planets on the sky and the celestial events are remarkably accurate and follow a precise pattern of cyclical movements, to a rhythm of time, the determination of planetary positions as observed by Veda Vyasa will help determine the date of events described in detail in the shlokas of Mahabharata.In the past, many scholars have attempted to arrive at the date of the war based on one or two celestial events mentioned in the text. Narahari Achar is unique in that he tries to find a series of dates which is consistent with almost ALL the 150 plus astronomical references contained in the text.Hence date of Mahabharata War as per Greek Records is 3360 BC.Aryabhatta was the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy He has written the following "When the three yugas (satya yuga, treta yuga and dwapara yuga) have elapsed and 60 x 60 (3,600) years of kali yuag have already passed, I am now 23 years old.” This comes to 3102 BC.This is based on a number of astronomical references one of which is the 7 planets lining up together and solar eclipse.Hence date of Mahabharata War as per Planetarium Software is 3126 BC. As per Prof Narhari Achar of Dept of Physics, University of Memphis, date of Mahabharata War is 3067 BC. He arrived at this date using Planetarium software based on occurrence of eclipse, full moon and other references in Udyoga Parvan and Bhishma Parvan of Mahabharata.

Scientific Date of Mahabharata War as per Indus Valley / Harappan seal and other geological evidence is between 3500 BC to 2500 BC.An inscription in the Jain Temple at Aihole prepared by one Chalukya King Pulakesin says that the temple was constructed in 3735 years, after the Mahabharata War and 556 years of Shaka (Saka) era in Kali era, that is in 634 AD. 33.) (Now) when thirty (and) three thousand and five years besides, joined with seven hundred years, have passed since the Bharata war;(V.34.) And when fifty (and) six and five hundred years of the Saka kings also have gone by in the Kali age;(V.The Greek Ambassador Megasthenes has recorded that 138 generations had passed between Krishna and Chandragupta Maurya (300 BC).Taking 20 years per generation, 138 generations means that 2760 years have elapsed between date of Mahabharata War and Chandragupta Maurya.

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