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Pitt gave her a heads-up about the interview, so she was fully aware that his own, refreshingly accountable side of the story was coming.

And though the red carpet has been rolled out for her own raw postmortem regarding what really happened... Instead, Jolie is focusing solely on her kids in words and deed.

As it turned out, however, the public—inside or outside of Hollywood—didn't have much to forgive. There were a few wonky weeks last fall when Pitt's character was publicly called into question by way of vague yet potentially damning divorce papers, ultimately his human side—flaws and all—served him well.

A few weeks ago she took Knox, Pax, Vivenne and Zahara to dinner with her father, Jon Voight, whom she hasn't always been particularly close to.But now that he's found a new friend to pursue his hobby with, don't expect it things to get romantic.As an A-list celeb, Pitt has been surrounded by potential romance rumors since parting ways with Angelina Jolie in September 2016.Around that time is when Jolie and Pitt started to communicate more directly again in hopes of being able to co-parent more effectively, that being the new normal they had no choice but to get used to for the kids' sake.Pitt initially stayed with a friend in Santa Monica after the split, but by the time of his interview was back in the Hollywood home he shared with Jolie. De Mille estate in nearby Los Feliz, which had been on the market for million—the proximity being another sign she and Pitt are in it for the co-parenting long haul.

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