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The doll acts as Mc Coy's girlfriend in the video and fulfills his every wish.However, she eventually becomes tired of being exploited and expresses this in a humorous scene where the two are playing Scrabble (she spells out the words 'krush', 'kill', and 'destroy').The second version of the "Cupid's Chokehold" is the official video directed by Alan Ferguson for the album As Cruel as School Children and is a more literal interpretation of the lyrics of the song.The second version is more widely recognized because music networks such as MTV and VH1 play this version instead of the original, and because the original does not appear on i Tunes.Katy Perry and Travis Mc Coy- lead singer of Gym Class Heroes- have split up.On New Years Eve Travis announced the break-up on his blog with a long song/ poem about the relationship.Musically, this version has the word Girlfriend repeated constantly in the background not found in other versions of the song exclusive to the video.In this version of the music video, when Mc Coy and his friends are interrupting his girlfriend's party, Mc Coy raps a small part of "Wejusfreestylin Pt.

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The relationship ends when Mc Coy comes home to find his girlfriend on top of a masked man in a compromising position. Mc Coy's final relationship is with one of his fans in the audience at one of the band's performances (played by Mc Coy's then-girlfriend, Katy Perry).

The second version includes female backing vocals which are not included in version one.

The second version of the video does contain the backing vocals of the first video however, the female voice is integrated into the chorus behind Patrick Stump's vocals.

However, Cupid himself gets shot with an arrow by a female Cupid, and the video closes with the two of them dancing together with Mc Coy & Perry watching from in front.

(Cupid also dances several times before the ending).

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