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Upon returning to the Digital World, Mikey and Shoutmon learn that Bagramon had it reconstructed into a realm composed of the Bagra Fortress and seven kingdoms, each ruled by a Dark General with their very own Darkness Loader.

Reunited with the other Fusion Fighters, Mikey and Nene convince Christopher to join forces with them and they set to travel together through the Kingdoms to challenge the Dark Generals and liberate the Digital World from the Bagra Army's oppression.

However, once all 108 Code Crown fragments were claimed, Bagramon manages to take all the Code Crown fragments for himself, before sending Mikey, Angie, Jeremy, as well as Shoutmon, to the Earth.

Back home, Mikey learns that time on Earth is far slower than in the Digital World before he attempts to find a way back to the Digital World to save it.

He accompanies the Fusion Fighters and acts as their guide.

Jijimon first Digi Fuses with Chibi Tortomon along with Knightmon, Pawn Chessmon, Beastmon, Dondokomon and Cutemon to form Greatest Cutemon.

After the final battle with Mega Darkness Bagramon, the Digimon members of the Fusion Fighters United Army return to the Digital World.

One year later, Mikey, now in the 8th grade, formed a street basketball team "Xros Heart" with Ewan and Tagiru.

Receiving his red Fusion Loader from Omnimon, one of the Legendary Digimon, Mikey founded the Fusion Fighters alongside his partner Shoutmon.Normally forming the hilt of the Star Sword, Rare Star Sword and Star Axe, Starmon can become the gunsight of the Meteor Cannon when Digi Fused with Beelzemon and several silver Pickmon.In the English dub, Starmon speaks in the style of Elvis Presley.When Digimon begin escaping the Digital World to terrorize humans and gain power from their emotions, Mikey reunites with Shoutmon and the other Fusion Fighters to solve the mystery of the attacks.He is revealed to be one of the six Legendary Heroes of the Digimon Multiverse.

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