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If he is tending to respond fully to your messages within a day or two, then the chances are he does like you and is just playing it cool.If he doesn’t respond at all to your messages, or takes several days without offering an explanation, then it might be time to accept that it didn’t work out this time and move on.It’s perfectly natural to have some doubt about the signals you are receiving as online messages can be hard to interpret.There are three key stages in online dating where you might find yourself questioning whether he wants the same things as you; the initial contact and early communications, the first date, and then anything that develops subsequently.If there’s no chemistry between you two and the date feels a bit flat, then the chances are he hasn’t fallen in love at first site.If the two of you get on brilliantly, the hours just fly by, and you really enjoy yourself, then the chances are any attraction you feel for him is reciprocated.Any woman that has used an online dating website will at some point have asked herself the question “does he really like me?” It can be difficult to gauge someone’s interest in you on a dating website, because you can’t use the normal signals you might pick up on in an offline environment.

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If he really seems interested, then it’s probably best not to second guess the situation; you should just assume he is being genuine and go with the flow.You shouldn’t necessarily think the worst though; there could be many reasons for this.It may be that he really does like you and doesn’t want to scare you off by being too aggressive.There are a few signals you can look for at a first date to get an idea of whether this will be the first and last date, or the first of many.Remember though, not to spend the whole night internally analyzing everything he says or does, and try to focus on actually enjoying the evening and getting to know him.

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