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The Spirit-led Christian is not giving into compromise. Sin, on the other hand, increases the desire to give into temptation again and again. And so you end up double-minded, at least until you repent and "come clean" before the Lord and His cross.5) You only experience real peace in your heart when your mind is under God's control.Instead, he or she is focused, filled, and flowing in the living water of the Holy Spirit. There is no peace for the believer who is going against his conscience and against the Word of God. You feel pulled in the direction of your obsession, rather than gently led down the flowing river of God's grace and peace. ,17) And it's a battle that doesn't stop until our soul leaves our body at the point of physical death.shifted over to center and right field, respectively.

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The longer a person refrains from that bad habit, the easier it gets to stay away from it.

Most of us who have known the Lord for awhile have come to experience the vast difference between the peace of God and the turmoil of our sinful desires. At that moment, we will be immediately ushered into heaven.6) You find yourself giving into old habits very easily.

A double-minded believer finds it next to impossible to stay away from the danger zone.

Nearing home plate, Betts collided with Orioles catcher Chance Sisco before scoring.

Betts remained at home plate for a minute, eventually limping his way to the dugout with the assistance of the Red Sox training staff.

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