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So much computing power and they just dumb it down with the OS so you think the next ones won't suck but they will.

Can't use advanced calling because of dropping calls.

Your future is determined by how you walk your "One-year limited marriage" with the Edward you have yearned for.

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◆Story The requirement for the inheritance of the enormous amount of money... "Dear brother, I have always been..." Fighting with your emotions, The path you take, Will it be the inherited money, your dreams as a designer, or your love you have deeply hidden away...? Though you confess your emotions to Edward, your feelings are shattered.

The Turbo 2 has crappy battery life, is heavier, not much faster, if at all, and the screen, despite claiming to be "shatter proof" scratches easier than any droid I have ever had.

I have a massive disgusting slice on the screen and I treat the phone like a baby.

Greatly disappointed in this phone and Motorola customer service After the update my gallery app is acting up not letting me move pictures or videos to other albums and then the pictures and videos turn grey and the app will crash. Does Verizon charge everything into your data plan, if you want to have a good quality device.

I've been having so many problems with the update my apps keep crashing and something keeps poping up and disappearing randomly while I'm trying to text plus I don't like the way they set up where you can send messages later, I end up accidentally sending messages in 5 minutes instead of right away if they could move it it be OK but it's just so annoying. People say they cannot hear me, the phone drops calls frequently, the voice over the phone is in and out.

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