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This now gives Onevest a leadership position at company formation and a solid foundation to become the one stop shop for entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors.

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If quality employees don’t have access to businesses in need, they aren’t going to help build a successful startup.“Small businesses are the growth engine of our economy, not to mention the catalyst for innovation and change.” Perhaps most importantly, Founder Dating has provided a uniquely helpful service that made their acquisition inevitable.Their entrepreneur Q & A platform, deemed FD: Discuss, provides entrepreneurs with a forum to ask their founder questions and startup queries.“We exist to provide entrepreneurs the resources, tools, and support they need to succeed,” said Cremades.“Together, we are committed to accelerate startup growth and empower even more people to positively impact their community and the global economy through entrepreneurship.” As the go-to place to for early stage startups, Founder Dating will bring a different level of networking to the One Vest arsenal, taking them one step closer to providing a full-service network for entrepreneurs.

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