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of Cape Cod, MA gave to a Boston street musician and a homeless man Richard W.of Nashua, NH gave 0 to the Brain Injury Association Katie M.

of Massachusetts gave 0 to the Sunflower County Freedom Project David M.

of Portland, OR gave to Planned Parenthood Samantha C. of Oshkosh, WI gave to Wikimedia Foundation Aria R. of Maynard, MA gave to the Stoneman Douglas (Parkland, FLA) student fundraiser Liam F.

of Woodland Hills, UT gave to Home of the Brave, the Scott Carrier podcast Matt T. of Salt Lake City, UT gave 0 to Flourish Bakery Julia H. of Maryland gave to the American Diabetes Association Joanne M. of San Francisco, CA gave to Planned Parenthood Linda D.

of San Francisco, CA gave to Larkin Street Youth Rachel L. of NY gave to help pay a friend's medical bills Amber F. of Garden Grove, CA gave to March for Our Lives Cameron P.

of Los Angeles, CA gave to Children's Hospital Los Angeles Ellen H.

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