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Since recycled components don’t lose any of their effectiveness, recycling makes the most of the resources we have without sacrificing power or reliability.

We stock a full selection of batteries for domestic and foreign vehicles, trucks, golf carts, cell phones, emergency lights and more; if you have a product that requires batteries, chances are, we will have what you’re looking for!

We will collect your used battery anytime we’re open, and deliver it to an EPA-approved battery recycling facility.

Just come drop it off at our shop, located at 1000 Grafton Street in Worcester, anytime Monday through Friday 9am-5pm, or Saturday 9am-1pm.

The reasons for this are threefold: Lead-acid battery recycling is carried out in highly-controlled facilities that minimize lead exposure for both their workers and the surrounding populace.

These facilities break batteries down into their component parts, selling the (once again) raw materials to battery manufacturers for the production of new batteries.

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