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Elizabeth moved in with her sister Rosemary, who was then living with Javier Limon and their three young children. They grew closer and, with Elizabeth beginning to realize she was attracted to women, eventually started dating.

Elizabeth knew that being a lesbian would make her an outsider in her conservative Catholic family.

In high school, she remained small, never more than 4-foot-9, though that didn’t keep her from playing on the basketball team.

On the court, the other girls would call out her nickname, “Little Liz! ” Her father had left, but the rest of Elizabeth’s large family—three brothers, two sisters—was tight and affectionate.

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But money was tight, and at various times Elizabeth held jobs at Taco Cabana, Arby’s and H-E-B.They would barbecue at the park on weekends and take trips to a nearby lake.After she turned 16, Elizabeth began to stay out later, experiment with drugs, date boys and fight with her mother, Gloria.Her relationship with her mother improved—Gloria co-signed for Elizabeth’s new apartment.“She knew by then she was either going to accept my lifestyle, or I wasn’t going to be a part of her life,” Elizabeth said.

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