Im dating my friends ex

Now, I came to find out that she was one of the women he was seeing.

And, here both of them told me it never was going to happen!

it's a hard thing to cope with The loser cruiser stopped at a really nice looking platform, gently edged you on to the winner's circle, and picked up two idiots.

Keewey, I don't understand how you can call this girl your recently ex-boyfriend is seeing your BEST FRIEND!

I think you need to tell him you love him and want him back. I told her that I still liked him and that it was uncomfortable for me, however she ignored my feelings and kept on flirting with my ex.

Then, if he tells you he prefers your best friend, if I were you, I would stop talking to him too. If he doesn't, I would say good riddance to both of them. what crushes me most is that all my other friends know I like him but they keep telling my best friend about how they should date!

She told you she would never do anything like this to you and now she is dating the guy you love and want. I have to tell you that my ex-boyfriend got friendly with a female friend of mine, and both of them said they would never date behind my back.

About a year ago, I broke up with my ex because he was cheating on me with other women.

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