Liquidating stock

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a good idea when it comes to investing, especially with your nest egg.In the event that you're thinking about selling stock that you received as part of an annual bonus, you may be out of luck.To get your asset mix back on target, you would need to exchange the old stock or mutual funds shares for some new ones.If you're planning to exchange shares within the available options of a 401K plan or investment account, watch for potentially applicable sneaky investment fees, including exchange fees and front-end loads.

If you were to liquidate an entire ,500 from your Roth IRA, you would forfeit an extra ,605 of income at age 65.Most successful investors agree that consistency is essential, so revisit your original reason for buying the stock and determine whether or not it's really time to sell.Every investor has an unique approach to wealth management and is comfortable with different price drops.For example, your employer could have awarded 250 restricted stock units that vest over time, such as 50 units every year for the next five years.If you're on the third year out of those five, you may be able to sell 150 out of those 250 shares.

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