Nico and arrasay dating

(That they're in looooove.) Their matchy-matchiness was just an "accident," Tortorella told at last night's premiere of the TV Land show.

(If the rumors that they are dating are true, though, their simul-dye is kind of romantic. We look great, it's all good." follows Liza, a 40-year-old recent divorcee (played by Sutton Foster) who pretends to be 26 in order to jump back into the workforce.

Natalli: if you watched last season of S you’ll understand why I’m calling her “the Suzy girl”.

I’m completely confused as to why the judges like her so much and can’t believe she made the top 20. Nico: My other favourite, alongside Allie, I hope this Montreal bad boy goes all the way to the top.

Lisa: as she said herself, Lisa’s a little bit cocky but she has good reason to be.

One of the oldest competitors, Lisa is also one of the most technically gifted and passionate dancers on the stage.

(the first season of which is airing this fall on CTV), I don’t have access to it from school, I have to tape all the episodes on my PVR at home and watch when I get a chance.

Lara: with flowing blond hair and adorable dimples, Lara’s looks and charm may give her an advantage until she can prove that her dancing isn’t just middle-of-the-pack.When he was performing his group number during Toronto week I couldn’t watch anyone else on the stage.He’s the most commanding contemporary dancer I’ve seen in a long time. The judges loved her this week, though I again don’t understand why. I couldn’t even remember if I’d ever seen him before.I mean certain personalities are definitely missed (namely Cat and Mia) but the Canadian version of the show has a lot going for it that the American version doesn’t have.First of all, the judges, contestants and even the producers are a lot nicer.

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