Opinions on reality dating shows

Basically you better have your shit together if you're a man that is going to try to get Young Joo because she already has her life in order. Everyone approaches dating differently and in the type of situation they're in it's going to be a hot mess regardless lol.I just don't think they have to be pitted against one another. There's always going to be multiple people that like one person.She’s attractive, no doubt; I like her eyes, her gaze, and the way she smirks.Nothing to say about the guys tho lol, just that Jae Ho annoys the heck out of me (he talks to much), but the others are cool.

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About Da Eun…Idk, she's pretty and seems nice I guess, well see.

Gotta say I’m with One here, if I have to root for someone, that would be Do Gyun.

The guy is just chill and he’s funny too, tho sometimes whenever he overanalyzes things it gets me impatient, like come on dude, just go for it.

About this season, I personally find Hyeon Joo very attractive (all the girls are tbh), but her especially, both physically and her personality (unpopular opinion).

Her smile is really pretty, she’s cute and she knows it, not cringy at all tho, plus I think she’s sexy (she looks really good with her short hair), she’s charming and flirty, she looks innocent but she’s kind of devilish, she’s very seductive and she draws you in, like a magnet, she demands your attention.

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