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Two of the accused were jailed for life in April last year.Judge Chaudhry Ilyas acquitted the men of "sexual abuse of a young boy and making a video to blackmail his family," a court official told AFP.Prosecutors produced 16 witnesses against the accused men, but could not prove the charges, the official said. In the village of Hussain Khanwala in Kasur, southwest of Lahore, videos were made of at least 280 children being sexually abused by a gang who blackmailed their parents by threatening to leak the videos.The police, who had conspicuously failed to act despite pleas from some parents, eventually made dozens of arrests after clashes between relatives and authorities brought the issue into the media spotlight. And one of the ways to make it so that we become more equal is to make sure that the richest people pay more in taxes when they die. Jeff Vanderwerff is a fourth generation farmer and loyal Republican. With 2,000 acres to oversee, he doesn't have time to get together with the group, but is active in their facebook thread. That he was talking about…Kim: That it was about sex. So-Jennifer: And, and that's the thing, if he had not spoken about women in the past that way, then I would have perceived it just like you did. I don't think you should have to denounce a person that you believe in, but I do need to know that men will take sexual assault and abusive language and the treatment of women really seriously. I don't think people who do that should be in power. Jennifer: And it sends a message to everybody else. There's been multiple reports of foundations funding lawsuits. Maggie: Well, I think that Tom is aggressive in how he talks, but over time, in America, we have become more unequal. The issue that nearly broke up the group: the "Me Too" movement. Let's be honest there were some really tense things. Wesley: It entered my mind, 'cause he has a behavior of saying outlandish things like this. I think that, the way it was heard by you was that I wanted you to denounce Trump. Daniel: The question is, are these accusations credible?

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And nearly the entire group turned out for what they call a team-building workout organized by Jennifer Allard, a lifelong Republican who says she couldn't bring herself to vote for Donald Trump. Daniel: I feel like he cares more about me than the last president did.

In March 2016, Pakistan's Senate also passed a bill that criminalised sexual assault against minors, child pornography and trafficking for the first time -- previously only the acts of rape and sodomy were punishable by law.

He faces further charges in the cases of at least seven other children attacked in the Punjab city — five of whom were murdered — in a spate of assaults that had stoked fears a serial child killer was on the loose.

And if our president, who we – I respect the office, and I expect and demand better actions than that. Because everybody wants to feel understood, but it's quite a different thing to want to understand.

It's the fact that he demeaned an entire race or a country. Tim: They're afraid of how they're being, they're gonna be treated. Laura: I feel safer now than I ever did the last eight years of Obama. And so I've been able to take that out to my friends who don't have access to Trumpers, and they come back and say, "Hey, I really learned a lot." That's huge.

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