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The current technology is so heavy-handed as to have a chilling effect on speech.

Even the most advanced digital filter systems struggle to distinguish between claiming an identity and attacking it.

Canada’s own stigmatizing law, Bill C-36, makes it illegal for third parties to advertise or profit from someone else’s sexual services.

Naomi Sayers, a feminist Indigenous writer and educator, says this law is proof of the federal government’s contradictions about sex work.“The government says that they care about sex workers and sex workers rights and human trafficking.

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In addition to earning money for their labour, many sex workers used Backpage to vet clients.

Moreover, the American law — FOSTA — insists on a degree of technology that isn’t wholly possible.

Department of Justice seized Backpage, a company whose websites hosted ads for sex work.The Trudeau government’s feminism must include protecting sex workers or it is a feminism not worthy of the name.E-mail Sex Crimes 40 College St., Toronto, ON , M5G 2J3 Phone: 416-808-7474 Fax: 416-808-7472 Officer in Charge: Inspector Dominic Sinopoli All crimes of a sexual nature, regardless of the victim’s gender or age, impacts the community and effects the victim’s quality of life and wellbeing.“Before the Backpage shutdown, we had almost 2,000 users — 600 sex workers and the rest clients.Since Saturday, we’ve doubled the number of users,” says Gfendr founder Mélissa Desrochers.

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