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However, the book makes sense even if you disregard the few "unorthodox" parts of the publication, so I believe it deserves to be taken seriously."In American society some degree of shyness is considered tolerable and even quite socially acceptable in females.In males of all ages from kindergarten through all the years of adulthood, in contrast, shyness is widely viewed as very deviant and highly undesirable.He is actually so alienated from the very idea of being a man that he does not even want to procreate male children:"The vast majority of the love-shy men interviewed for this book confessed that if they ever did become fathers they would want to have girl children only—NO BOYS.In stark contrast, only one percent of the self-confident, non-shy men felt that way.

I am not sure love-shy women find life as easy as Gilmartin may imply, but there is a difference, and that difference tells us a lot about the main problem of the love shy man: Society expects him to be assertive, proactive and adventurous vis-a-vis women.

Unlike the transsexual, the 'male lesbian' does not feel himself to be 'a woman trapped inside the body of a man'.

Moreover, none of the love-shy men studied for this research entertained any wishes or fantasies of any kind pertinent to the idea of obtaining a sex change operation.

In fact, the non-shy men preferred the idea of fathering male children to the idea of fathering female children by a ratio of almost three to two."My guess is that he finds the very idea of tackling a rough and tumble boy impossible. Or maybe he does not believe that he can serve as a good role model for such a boy, and that the kid would end up in the same situation as himself.

He has not asked them about erotic feminization fantasies in general, however.

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