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I looked over as some more blurry text appeared, then back down at the cute, tan face slurping and licking at my semi-erect penis. And I stiffened, entirely in the warm cocoon of my step-sister's mouth. Step-sis then pressed my cock flat against my stomach, glanced her dark eyes up, and dragged her tongue from the tip of my cock slowly down the shaft, wiggling it as she went.Step-sis took the fleshy member in her hand, shook, stroked, then buried her face into my pubes. I brushed my hand over the long, black hair bobbing on my groin. Once at the base, she nuzzled into my scrotum, popping a ball into her mouth and massaging it with her tongue. If you kindly return me to sleepy land." I felt her shoulders shrug.As I grew guiltily in my step-sister's mouth, the tang of likely hours of pussy-play began wafting into my nostrils. You know I'd be throbbing in your sweet Asian mouth already...;) I felt a warm hand on my ass, then a pinch. Just a little shy I guess," step-sis spoke again to the glowing screen. "Mmm, I will hun," she said briefly, this time only glancing at the laptop screen.

A few gulps covered the first salvo, but a second company of cum charged out of my cock head and covered her curled lips.Once my remaining goo was drained, steps-sis glared over at her computer. Living in her family's secluded mansion, Audrina is kept alone and out of sight and is haunted by nightmares of her older sister, First Audrina, who was left for dead in the woods after an ...She swatted it away immediately, looking up with smiling eyes as she continued her oral efforts to get my damn cock hard. I finally grew out of my protective shell, and steps-sis could no longer take me all in at once. Under any other circumstances, that would have been the end of my performance: cute girl, tight body, sucking my sperm spores.But the tinge of wrongfulness--that it was my step-sister, daughter of my kindly step-mother, who was polishing my parental pods--somehow kept my cum cloistered for the moment. But I see something glistening on your white treat, honey.

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