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This is similar to the Play Station and Play Station 2 consoles, which were missing many security features in their first revisions.A proof-of-concept "Hello World" was released to demonstrate this flaw.These dumped UMD images could be written to a Memory Stick Duo and executed, performing in almost exactly the same way as if they were being read from a UMD disc.Version 1.50 of the PSP firmware, the original version shipped with non-Japanese PSPs, introduced new security measures that attempted to block the execution of homebrew software.In 2006 Sony released six editions of the firmware and in 2007 they released another six editions.On April 17th, 2005, a DNS redirection trick was discovered in the content-downloading feature of the game Wipeout Pure that allowed regular HTML web pages to be displayed in place of the official website.

But our stance on piracy is clear, and we hope to be role models.

One exploited the FAT16 system of the memory stick by using folders with long names, and the other involved putting before the name of the folder containing the program code and % before the name of the folder containing the metadata (with the percentage sign at the end removed).

Both tricks caused the corrupted data to disappear from the Game menu, while still allowing the EBOOT to be executed.

If you haven’t successfully installed the 5.00 M33 firmware then you can’t proceed here since these are just subsequent patches.

Read the guide on How to install 5.00 M33 on your PSP above or if you have official firmware, post a comment and let’s see if I can help you out.

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