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44 Pantone Solid Uncoated Red 032 U spot color converted to CMYK Pressing the Return key doesn't produce a paragraph break In Design CS5.5 Swedish Mac OS Printing tints of black with Color Management enabled to "Composite Gray" Post Script produce different tint values The ''Remove blank lines when empty'' Data Merge option does not work consistently (In Design CS4) Problem in roundtripping custom objects in In Design Silent PDF export failure or "Internal Error" Place, print, export PSD In Design Slow performance In Design CS Small caps ignored Adobe Open Type fonts older than version 2.0 In Design CS Some faces of Type 1 fonts, such as Helvetica Neue, aren't available in In Design on Mac Supported file formats for In Design CS Suppress the user interface Tables don't obey center vertical alignment In Design CS Thin white, dark lines (stitching) Export to PDF In Design CS2 and later Third-party plug-ins don't load In Design, In Copy CS5.5 v Troubleshoot In Design third-party plug-ins (In Design) Unable to save documents In Design CS5 Mac OS Uploading exported In Design CS5 Flash (SWF) files to a web server 1 Anchored objects lose corner options In Design CS5 When you open documents authored in CS4 or earlier in In Design CS5, corner options applied to anchored rectangles are lost on all but the upper-left corner. Adobe hopes to address this issue in a future version of In Design.

Anchored objects missing Print, PDF In Design CS5 Anchored objects are missing when you print an In Design CS5 document or export it to PDF.

Updates can be found by choosing Updates from the Help menu in In Design, or by visiting the In Design update downloads pages:indesign Mac: Win: 5 In Copy Mac: Win: Additional information This issue is caused when parsing fonts that have upper ASCII characters in their Postscript names.

iii Contents Anchored objects lose corner options In Design CS Anchored objects missing Print, PDF In Design CS Error: "Filepath is not valid" Applescript In Design Cannot open PDF file in Acrobat created from In Design or Illustrator (Mac, In Design and Illustrator) Crash Clicking folder selection icons In Design CS5, CS5.5 Mac OS X Crash when selecting font menu, or browsing it's contents In Design/In Copy CS Crash when setting frame fitting options In Design CS Disable access to CS4 service extensions System administrator Enter and Return keys give unexpected results - In Design CS5 - German and Swedish - Mac OS Error "Access denied" Adobe Help application CS5.5 products Error "Critical Errors were found in Setup" when you install In Design CS Error: "This document may contain binary EPS files, which can cause the print job to fail." (Adobe In Design CS5) Error "Installation failed" In Design and In Copy CS update Error "Installation failed" when installing In Design update (Mac OS) Error "The Package Operation Failed" Return package for In Design In Copy CS Folio Builder panel isn't functional In Design CS Determine table Oversets through threaded Frames Java Script DOM In Design SDK Hyperlinks do not work in SWF files exported from In Design (In Design CS4, CS5) ibooks returns error and stops rendering epub In Design CS In Copy assignment links are missing or cannot be edited when working in cross-platform workflow (In Copy CS3 - CS5). 3 Click the "Make all settings the same" icon (chain links). Additional information In Design CS5 introduced the ability to set different corner effects for each corner of a rectangle.

17 In Copy CS5 known issues and bugs Incorrect spacing Leader tab, left-justified tab PDF export In Design CS Crash, blank dialog boxes Mac OS X Lion In Design crashes upon launch while attempting to recover a damaged document In Design CS5.5 crashes on launch Mac OS and earlier In Design Debug fails to load Font Manager and SING plug-ins then crashes In Design/In Copy CS5 fail to recognize file/assignment usage of users on cross platforms In Design or In Copy freezes or quits when you start on Mac OS In Design preferences and support file locations In Design quits when SWF is deselected CS5 Windows In Design Server CS5 known issues and bugs In Design support for World-Ready Composer CS4, CS In Design tools and panels don't respond to mouse clicks (Windows 7/Vista) Known issues, bugs In Design CS Known s with Flash Export from In Design CS Known issues with Microsoft Office 2007/2008 (In Design CS4 and CS5) Layout format isn't maintained when using In Design's Export for Dreamweaver or EPUB Manual kerning incorrect True Type, Type 1 fonts In Design, In Copy CS Missing plug-ins PDF export background task hangs In Design CS5, CS INDESIGN Contents iv After you place a digital photograph into In Design, the Actual ppi value is higher than the expected image resolution.. For this specific case, the conversion process doesn't populate all corners with the value from the original object.

It may be corrupt or a file format that Preview doesn't recognize." Reason The file was created by selecting the option "Save as PDF" from the Mac OS Print dialog. Solution Solution 1: Use the Export PDF (In Design) or Save As Export and select Adobe PDF as the Format. Solution Manually type the path into the text field next to the folder icon.

For example: Additional information This issue largely affects the Overlay Creator and Folio Builder panels.

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