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I have been far too print-focused for far too long.

organized chronologically, as the other content lists on this website are. And within each topic area, it is in order of my best guess at what people are going to want to watch or listen to – with the most valuable selections for each topic area at the top, and the “just in case you’re interested” ones at the bottom.

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I’ll also try to add new ones when I do a presentation or give an interview that covers material not already covered.

This page lists all my video and audio risk communication materials – a convenient resource for people who are looking for something to play for a group, or who would rather watch and listen than read.

I have a big stack of video and audio recordings – mostly of client presentations – that are not currently online.

(In fairness, he asked about social media as well as mainstream media.) As always, I prefer the longer or more idiosyncratic interviews. Produced by the American Industrial Hygiene Association, 1994 In my approach to risk communication, explaining the data is secondary; addressing outrage – raising it, reducing it, or helping people cope with it – is what’s crucial.

Nonetheless, the time comes in most risk communication efforts when you’ve got to explain the data.

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