What type countertops for updating kitchen

The first kitchen Jan and I designed together many years ago had a peninsula with upper cabinets!

Those were the first to be removed in that kitchen refresh, you can see it here.

This will be a semi-custom kitchen with standard size cabinets. I didn’t love this plan because it didn’t seem right that the counter stools would be in the dining room so I asked Jan Romanuk (my kitchen designer) to weigh in on the design. My kitchen originally had one 4 years ago, and she redesigned it to included an island instead, just as she did here.

And then they were photoshopped to take out the shadows.

So, if you choose an orangey cork floor to tie in with the rest of the oak flooring in your house (for example) you now have an orange floor in your kitchen, and that becomes a “fixed” colour that you must consider as part of your colour scheme.

As I mentioned in this post, the days of defining each space with a different flooring choice is over.

This is the front of her house which you saw when I posted about the exterior colour here.

Kelly and Mike bought the house from a couple in their 80’s with two big dogs and a cat.

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