Dna dating service

It offers a Couples Kit (only 9 with free shipping) to determine whether the other person is really relationship material.It goes beyond the usual sniff test, also analyzing four genetic variants linked to emotional response, empathy, risk taking and adventurous behaviors—what the company refers to as neurocompatibility.In theory, this makes sense evolutionarily, because those couples with more variety in their HLA genes would produce offspring with a broader genetic immune response to more diseases.That would certainly be a valuable trait for the zombie apocalypse.The company is led by a team of four Ph Ds who have bona fide credentials, even if one of them worked as a co-host of a Dr. Karmagenes’ “proprietary algorithm” builds a personalized profile from the information obtained from a psychological assessment and 14 different behavioral characteristics extracted from a DNA sample.Credit: Karmagenes One such company is Karmagenes, which claims it can link specific genetic regions with 14 major personality traits such as “innovative, social, decisive and risk taker”.But while science has made extraordinary breakthroughs in genetics, we are far from developing gene therapies for disease, especially the most chronic condition of all—love.

You will need 9 to add the DNA personality screening.

Now there are dating apps for every proclivity, from the And then there’s DNA dating.

DNA dating isn’t actually all that new, as some of these companies have (perhaps somewhat amazingly) been around for a decade or longer.

A full plan to reach self-actualization will cost 4.

The combined nature-nurture report reads like an astrology write-up in the back of your local alt weekly.

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