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Q: How can I use a certain language setting with the Google Groups web interface? If you have Internet Explorer 7 or 8 select the "Text Size" option from the "View" menu.

Q: How do I prevent from being invited or added to a group? Q: Why can't I see some group sections or some parts of pages? 2) If you can see the sections of your group but they're cut off or falling off the page, then you may need to try the following settings that should help you see them more easily: Try changing the text size setting of your web browser.

You need to make those changes for all the email addresses you use with Google Groups. Click it and then on the next page click the "Edit" link next to the "Personal information" heading. To change your Google account name, on almost any Google Groups page you should see a "My Account" link at the top of the page. Q: How can I use a tree view to see a list of messages in a discussion? Q: Does Google Groups have a function to filter unwanted users? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign in to Google Groups, go to the Google Groups main page and click the "Manage my memberships" link and select the "Do not allow group managers to invite me to their groups" and "Do not allow group managers to directly add me to their groups" options and push the "Save invitation preferences" button. Q: Why do I receive messages from a group when I shouldn't? Q: Can I use features such as HTML, CSS, and Java Script in my messages? With a Usenet newsgroup you can't use the "Email" delivery setting.

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