Kamloops cam girls

If I pulled this shit and the ride didn't kill me, I know my mom would.

She would fly across country and kick my grown man ass for being stupid.

No promotion, ad or otherwise is going to override a 14 year old's common sense. I just think it's not smart at all to ride with out brakes, if there is a small stone on the path or something...

It's just your fingers pushing the brakes or not, if you DO not want it. But I do think you need them, in case of emergency though. So, her sponsors will be happy that she is implying that Saint brakes slow you down, even when you ain't using them! Totally pointless exercise, you can't stop, and it won't make you faster.

You'd get more effect by pumping up your tyres, changing you tyres,wearing tighter clothes or anything else. The no brakeless thing on her run was actually pretty stupid and really not that dangerous.

She was riding a groomed trail down a hill in the middle of nowhere, there are no cars, pedestrians, stray deer or anything else to cross her path.

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14 year old kids everywhere are going to start doing this and killing themselves.Other than that, apparently she's riding above her comfort level because otherwise she would hit the same speeds with the brakes on as she'd not be using them anyway.Riding faster than you're comfortable with is a fast and effective way to get hurt seriously as any experienced rider knows.I'm not going to lie, it was a somewhat uneasy feeling just going down my driveway with no brakes on the bike. Riding brake less isn't pushing the boundaries in a positive way, it's just stupid!But hey, turn off your brain and take control out of the equation, whatever you got to do to get your coverage? I'm not really into the crazy daredevil stunts part of mtb.... All I keep thinking about when I see this kind of stuff is my family.

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