Snooki and vinny dating the job premarital dating detective

Mike revealed in the “Jersey Shore: Road Trip” reunion episode in 2017 that he went to rehab twice, and plead guilty to tax evasion earlier this year. He almost ruined his friendship with Snooki multiple times, but the two seem to be on talking terms.Thirty-five year-old Mike is dating his longtime friend Lauren.Jenni is making sure her kids grow up to be as strong as their Mom and Dad!The situation has gotten himself into a number of situations after the season finale of “Jersey Shore.” Most of his issues were rooted in his addiction to pain pills.DJ Pauly D recently released a single “That Boy” featuring Pryde.He is living his best life touring the world DJing and making his pipe dreams a reality.

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Jenni and Snooki-who have stayed good friends through the years-have been on their web show “Snooki & JWOWW: Moms With Attitude” for the past two and a half years.

They met before Mike was famous, and before he was known as The Situation.

When Jenni was asked who changed the most out of the cast, she gave it up for The Situation.

Jenni and her husband Roger started dating in season three, and his head seems to be intact.

Jenni is one of the cast members who actually found love down at the Jersey shore.

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