Validating calendar dates in textbox asp

I have about 3 date fields, that are calendar pop up fields ((icon) next to the textbox that user presses, calendar pops up and can select value), which seems to be working fine.What is also working fine is validation of other fields ensuring no fields are blank before submit. Personally, I would avoid all of that and just force the user to use the calendar popup. I have been staring at this thing to long and it didn't even dawn on me to think like that.XML Hi, I have a string containing data in XML format. Is there any method in java that allows strings as input to validate xml?

I was thinking of using Range Validator with Type="Date".

Some people will see that as 12 November but others (e.g.

our friends in US) will see it as 11 December 2008. in that format, tomorrow's date would appear as 12/11/2008.

You will also want to replicate that code in C# on the server side, to cover the case where the user bypasses validation on the client side. Try Parse() if its a good date returns true example below string s Date ="02/29/2007"; Date Time Date Value; Console. But how to told Range Validator, that date is in format "dd/MM/yyyy" ? I would like to have total secure validation method in client site..

Thanks for help No you are not, though the fact that you are now using a calendar control is a step in the right direction. in that format, tomorrow's datewould appear as 12/11/2008.

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