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The claim quickly spread from a blog to a social media, with Aiko and Sean’s name becoming the trending topic.Aiko took to Twitter to deny the ‘fan fiction’ was true and rapper himself also ripped the allegations on Instagram.They were told that they could not be checked in unless they had their travel documents, and backtracked to find it.All other teams checked in to the Pit Stop before they could find Zev's passport, resulting in Zev & Justin being eliminated.Here's the story of how Sean Rad went from a cell phone-obsessed teen growing up in Beverly Hills to the CEO of one of the buzziest dating apps in the world.This chart shows each teams ranking per leg according to their official check in at the Pit Stop.

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This did not affect their placement and was unaired.They backtracked to find their missing tourist before checking in, again. Maria & Tiffany arrived at the Pit Stop in 11th place, but had lost two of the tourists that they were required bring with them.Rather than backtrack to find them, Maria & Tiffany elected to take a 2-hour penalty.Because they were in last place and it was a non-elimination leg, the 2-hour penalty would be applied to their starting time for the next Leg.Zev & Justin initially arrived 1st, but discovered after being checked in at the mat that they were missing Zev's passport.

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